What people are saying about Starscapes

"Stars on the ceiling, flat screen tv, and the Bose sound system distributed throughout the whole suite. By all means that was by far the best room I have ever stayed in!!!"

"The hotel had rooms that had lots of character including stars on the ceiling - a lovely touch!"

"At night when we turned off our lights to sleep, we were shocked to see all the stars appearing on our ceiling!! We stayed awake until 2AM just  looking at it. It was a pleasure to turn off the lights at night."

"The stars on the ceiling of our cozy little bedroom made the expanse of the universe available to us."

"As promised the room was unique, comfortable and practical. The stars on the ceiling were a neat touch. My friends and I will be back."

"Ask for the room with the stars on the ceiling. It creates a lovely ambience."

"WOW. Stars on the ceiling...Never seen anything like it."

"Great bedroom, so cozy with stars on the ceiling."

"Totally awesome stars on the ceiling."

"We stayed in the room with the stars on the ceiling... and will definitely return."

"Our favorite is the room with the "Stars" on the ceiling, this is such a nice touch, when the lights are off, the room is aglow, you feel as if you're out camping. Makes for a restful nights sleep. My daughter and I were so comforted by the little points of light, that we were inspired to share are thoughts, dreams and girlie talk for hours until we drifted off to sleep. This was such a wonderful experience... we speak of it often."

"The best part of the room is the stars on the ceiling. It was like sleeping outside under the stars. Our whole family enjoyed this."

"High class amenity! Even the new Emirates Airline to Dubai has stars on the ceiling when they dim the lights for 'snooze-time'.  Brilliant for hotels!!"

NOTE: Rolls-Royce has added a new cosmic ceiling lighting array in their custom vehicles for just $12k.  (But, of course, with no 3-D depth effect like the realistic and inspiring STARSCAPES®.)

"Can a hotel room make you healthier?" Wall Street Journal

Partner with Health & Wellness - the #1 Industry

It's Time to Add Stargazing
to Your Property. 

A Proactive and Holistic Approach

    Introducing some elements of biophilic design into the bedroom could go a long way to helping your guests get a better night's sleep.
Health Benefits
     Not only is it fun and extremely cool to stargaze from bed, but every bit of concern, worry, or anxiety simply melts away and is almost spontaneously cleared as one
enters the relaxing and healing alpha brain wave state created by the awe of the
STARSCAPES F/X® experience. 

"The awe-inspiring experience of stargazing lowers stress." A University of Calif.Berkeley study
"Stargazing eases anxiety."  Kathleen Emerson, LPN, CHPLN
"It's very relaxing." Dr. Mike Margolis
"Improves the healthcare experience of patients and they recover quicker." Professor Roger Ulrich study

STARSCAPES F/X®Heavenly Ceilings
Stargazing Ceilings
The Peaceful Relaxing Good Night Sleep Solution

Think LIGHT YEARS Outside Of the Box...

First it Was the "Heavenly Bed".
Now... You'll Be Giving Them Heaven.

Since you try to maintain a high occupancy rate, you are always looking for room amenities that attract guests to your properties.

Now, you can effectively compete. 




Imagine your marketing:

"Wellness Rooms Available."

"When Four Stars Isn't Good Enough...
We Give You Ten Thousand"

"We Cover You With a Blanket of Stars"

"Heavenly Ceiling Stargazing Rooms Available"

     STARSCAPES F/X® Heavenly Ceiling In-Room Stargazing, the newest most innovative amenity of the 21st century is now available.  Invisible in daylight, it will not interfere with your room decor.

     When the lamps are turned off, in a darkened room, the ceiling comes alive with with an incredible three-dimensional artistic illusion of a stunning star-filled sky usually only visible on a mountain top with a clear night. Your guests will see constellations like the Big Dipper and Little Dipper, Southern Cross, shooting stars, and the beautiful Milky Way.

     Imagine your guests relaxing in their bed, gazing up at a thousand stars, a celestial view they won't soon forget. A view that they will find stress-relieving, calming. serene, and romantic.

     STARSCAPES F/X® helps those who have trouble falling asleep away from home or fear the dark and have night frights. Makes the bedroom a perfect "haven getaway" for anyone to relax and relieve stress and fatigue.

     Alpha brain waves increase. Metabolic rate decreases. Heart beats slower. Breathing becomes slower. Muscles relax. Blood pressure decreases.

     Conversely, most people are uncomfortable in a strange dark room. STARSCAPES is the answer to repeat business and mega word-of-mouth social sharing due to the beneficial awesomeness.

     The STARSCAPES F/X® cosmic environment can enhance healing, health and wellbeing. Aids in problem solving, meditation, reflection, and creation of profound ideas. Creates the perfect environment for adult romantic conversation and intimacy.

     STARSCAPES F/X®  is a custom painted mural that covers the entire ceiling, or a partial ceiling above the bed. Walls can be included also. Furniture does not need to be moved. Installation takes a couple of hours.  Guests can sleep in the room immediately.

Give us the opportunity to hear your thoughts and offer you a proposal for this very affordable and unique room amenity, that will amaze and delight your guests.

     In just 5 minutes, you'll see with your own eyes, how wonderful it is. We promise that you'll be pleasantly amazed.  And then, you'll realize that all of your guest rooms should have it.  Contact us at one of our numbers, on the first page, to set up a time that would be convenient to you.  Get started now before your competition does!

Starscapes display for hotel countertop.

Counter / Tabletop tent backside says:
Remember stargazing on warm summer nights? How it made you feel?  Peaceful, tranquil, and relaxed.

Nobody sees many of the stars anymore.  Either we're too busy, or the bright city lights, fog, or clouds have taken them away from us.

Tonight, please enjoy... one of life's greatest pleasures, as we bring back the stars for you.

Simply turn out the lights and enjoy your STARSCAPES FX®. 

The Peaceful Relaxing Good Night Sleep Sensation™


STARSCAPES® Benefits to You:

  We provide free internet advertising that lets customers know that your location has the uniquely upgraded STARSCAPES® rooms available. You'll receive an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity (signed and dated by the Artist-Illusionist) suitable for framing and displayed in the guest room or lobby if so desired. 
  Minimal down time, we can do a full room in two to three hours, and a smaller skylite in one hour.  Special "themes" are available also.
  No odors from the paint, dries quick.
  Never fades or goes bad.  Glows for up to 25 years or more.
  A peaceful, relaxing (and memorable) atmosphere for your guests.
  Once people realize you have these very unique rooms, we feel occupancy rate should increase favorably, making for a quick return on a very wise investment.
STARSCAPES is Ideal for:
Hotels, Boutique Hotels
Lodges, Motels, Inns
Bed & Breakfasts
Cruise ships
and Spas
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As seen in...

 Best Western logo Holiday Inn Express logo Comfort Inn logo Americas Best Value Inn logo La Quinta logo Country Inn logo  Comfort Suites has STARSCAPES Budget Motel logo Lantern Inn logo Luxury Inn logo Ramada Inn logo Super 8 logo



The largest hotel in Las Vegas, the MGM Grand just added 171 Stay Well rooms. They include:

• An air purification system that uses HEPA technology to reduce allergens, pathogens and toxins.

• A mini-bar stocked with items such as almonds, coconut water and yogurt-covered raisins.

• Vitamin C Shower infusion to neutralize chlorine and promote healthy hair and skin.

• Wake-Up Light Therapy that exposes guests to short periods of blue-shaded lighting to increase energy and reverse the effects of jet lag.

• A water filtration system that provides purified, in-room water.

Can you see where the entire industry is heading? Stay Well rooms sell for an extra $30 a night on top of the regular room rate.

There is a "missing link" in the MGM program. The "Final Frontier" to the wellness amenities... their Heavenly Ceiling.

We are the premier installer worldwide of these most excellent cosmic, relaxing ceilings. Call us today.

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