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During daylight your room looks ordinary... The stars are not visible. Your ceiling looks as it always has—boring.  When evening comes, and it's dark, your room  magically disappears; like having a glass ceiling or a convertible roof, you can now relax under the most beautiful and realistic starry sky imaginable!
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  Most city skies have
become virtually empty
of stars.

In most cities, the sky
looks as though it has
been emptied of stars,
leaving behind a vacant
haze that mirrors our
fear of the dark and
resembles the urban
glow of dystopian
science fiction."

National Geographic
magazine, November 2008


is ideal for:

Bed & Breakfasts
Home Theaters
Family Rooms
Entertainment Rooms
Class Rooms
(above the bathtub) and more...



"I'm still amazed myself,
it's so beautiful!"

It's great, no words to describe the phenomenon.

I couldn't believe my eyes. The
depth perception really is there!

I'm truly impressed! It's like a
dream come true!

It looks so real! The minor
stars even twinkle!

I Invited a neighbor over for a beer and just happened to mention STARSCAPES.   He just stood there... looking up... in AWE!"


The Peaceful, Relaxing,
           Good Night
      Sleep Sensation



Relax   Entertain   Educate   Romance   Discover

Imagine being able to simply disconnect
from every negative thought of the day...


Every bit of concern, worry, or anxiety simply melts,
and is almost spontaneously cleared away, as one
enters the relaxing and healing alpha brain wave state created by the awe of the
® experience. 

Incredibly Realistic Indoor Stargazing

Much more than just stargazing.
And much more than just quieting the mind. 
We will create, for you, this peaceful environment of serenity, beauty, inspiration and romance.

Starscapes Classic Bedroom

TARSCAPES® is the original, custom painted 3-D mural of the starry night sky, painted exclusively by licensed STARSCAPES Cosmic Environment Specialists worldwide.  As a licensed "Painter of Dreams", I create the STARSCAPES in your bedroom, home theater, or any room; including hotels, motels, resorts, and B&B's in just a few short hours (without moving any furniture).

Starscapes home theater night image

     This STARSCAPES trompe loeil artwork creates a very impressive illusion of having a clear glass ceiling above you as you lie down in your bedroom at night. What you see up in the sky is the same as you would see on a cloudless night, high up in the mountains, with thousands of twinkling stars.

     Ancient constellations like Orion, Pegasus, Ursa Major (the Big Dipper), Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Crux (the Southern Cross) will be in their astronomically correct locations.

     The crescent moon and famous stars like Polaris (the North Star), Vega, Arcturus, Antares, Aldebaran, Sirius and even Betelgeuse can be found along with a beautifully visible section of our own Milky Way galaxy.

     Little boy’s fantasies can be brought to life with an exciting star war, battle ships and cruisers shooting photon torpedoes at one another. While girls have their choice of pretty fairies and angels to inspire their dreams.

     When the walls are included as part of the work, STARSCAPES  becomes the world's first Cosmic Environment Simulator™. Imagine sitting up in your bed as it floats among the stars.

The Amazing STARSCAPES Skylite

   For smaller budgets we have various sized Skylites we create.  For example a three foot or 5 foot in diameter Skylite.  It's the same as the entire ceiling... just smaller.

     This painted artwork is in a class by itself, as it's not normally visible during daylight hours. The ceiling looks the same as it did before the work was produced. The stars in the painting only come out at night.

     Using a very special paint, called Creation Paint™, which contains rare earth phosphors, the painter creates an illusion of the night sky, and over 2,000 stars can be seen... which is about a hundred times more than most people see in any given city in the world.

     Since the night sky is always changing, you have the option to choose a scene that will depict and commemorate the same day you were married, the day a child was born, or any other important day in your personal history!

     The benefits of enjoying this celestial masterpiece are great. It's entertaining, relaxing, stress-relieving, educational, awe-inspiring, and romantic. Children can even learn the constellations inside and then take their parents outside and point them out.

     Along with their one of a kind STARSCAPES, clients receive an individually numbered Certificate of Authenticity, signed and dated by the Artist-Illusionist, a constellation map of their stars, and also their owner's manual titled ''The Art of STARSCAPES®''.

he benefits of enjoying this celestial masterpiece are great. It's entertaining, relaxing, stress-relieving, educational, awe-inspiring, and romantic. Children can even learn the constellations inside with their own stars, and then take their parents outside and point them out.


  • Is the perfect "getaway" for anyone to relax and relieve stress and fatigue.  Alpha brain waves increase.  Metabolic rate decreases.  Heart beats slower.  Breathing becomes slower.  Muscles relax.  Blood pressure decreases.  The STARSCAPES cosmic environment can enhance healing, health and wellbeing.
  • Brings the outdoors inside for those who are bedridden or lack mobility.
  • Aids in problem solving, meditation, reflection, and creation of profound ideas.
  • Creates the perfect environment for adult conversation and intimacy.
  • Helps those who have trouble falling asleep or fear the dark and night frights.
  • Makes the perfect nightlight (without illuminating the room) by giving children something wonderful to focus on, as they drift off to sleep. Covers them in a relaxing blanket of stars.

Research Study
Prof. Roger Ulrich’s research has quantified the health benefits of viewing nature. Patients with images of nature in their rooms recovered more quickly than those with no images.  In an extensive research study, Ulrich and colleagues delineated numerous strategies for improving the healthcare experience for patients and staff. "…Investigators have consistently reported that stress-reducing or restorative benefits of simply viewing nature are manifested as a constellation of positive emotional and physiological changes."  The sky is our largest, most universal, and most globally available experience of nature.

STARSCAPES is not only an original work of art that is visually appealing, it reflects and often enhances the personality, creativity, inspiration, mind, and sometimes the genius of the person who owns it.  Starting at only $149 donation. Get your child's room free. (Partial proceeds help to fund and empower people worldwide.)

no more afraid of the dark!

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